Board COnstruction

Heres the deal

We have a standard construction across all of our boards. no variation on materials is good for everyone. Only using premium grade supplies, means we dont have to stress about quality control and more importantly, YOU, the rider, don’t have to worry about shit breaking down. From our USA supplied Polyurethane to our sustainably sourced Paulonia cores, everything is finely tuned to keep our boards individual shapes unique, responsive and maintain integrity. 


Lightweight .3mm TPU top sheet. Light weight and protective sheet allowing the profiled core and glass to flex true to form. 

Paulonia Core

Sustainably sourced A grade vertically laminated Pualonia timber core. This gives the most predictable flex, while providing great pop and rebound. 

triax glass

Single wrap 600g TRAIX glass. Triax glass not only allows us to reduce weight by using less glass and epoxy overall, but also gives ultimate torsional and lineal strength without sacrificing flex. 

PU Sidewalls

Poured Polyurethane side walls. PU creates a lower durometer to a more traditional ABS material, allowing the sidewalls to absorb impact and flex with the board. 

dyna 6 base

.6mm Sintered PTEX base. The denser properties in the Sintered base; protect against longer term wear and day-to-day impact.